Connecting STM32 and ESP32 AT Module

The STM32 and ESP32 AT Module combined can allow STM32 to get internet access for networking. The advantage of using the PCB Artists AT SDIO module is that the module comes in a tiny microSD card form factor!

You can simply insert the microSD ESP32 AT command module into any STM32 development board with SDIO mode microSD card connector and you should be good to go.

In this article, there is some more information on how to connect the ESP32 module with STM32 to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to the STM32 series.

PCB Artists ESP32 SDIO AT Command Module

The ESP32 SDIO AT Module comes pre-loaded with the latest SDIO AT firmware. This allows you to simply plug the module in and start using it with any MCU that has an SDIO interface.

The ESP32 SDIO AT Module pinout is shown below for your reference.

There are STM32CubeMX examples available for using the STM32 with ESP32 AT Module.

ESP32 SDIO AT command Module pinout
ESP32 SDIO AT Module Pinout

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