An example of ESP-WROOM-32 PCB design developed for a hackable clock application. Includes features like:

  • Texas Instruments I2S class-D speaker driver, 2.5 watts
  • Includes SD card
  • OLED display driver with step-up voltage converter
  • CH340 based ESP32 programmer (built in)
  • EC11 encoder for OLED GUI
  • RTC for time maintenance and NTP sync

ESP32 Industrial Gateway and Controller

Industrial grade ESP32 internet gateway and controller for operation in hazardous environments:

  • 4G LTE modem with dual antenna and eSIM (MFF2 SIM)
  • RFM95 LoRa radio module
  • ESP32 ethernet interface
  • Analog sensor inputs like 0-10V and 4-20mA inputs.
  • Digital inputs and outputs

Precision USB Voltmeter

A precision USB voltmeter design for use in industrial environments with the following main features:

  • PIC18F MCU
  • 0.1% accuracy voltmeter front end
  • 10 mega ohm input impedance
  • 60,000 count voltmeter
  • Industrial operating temperature range
  • Auto ranging circuit

Low Power E-Paper Display Module

PCB module design for interfacing to a 2.6″ ultra low power E-ink paper display panel:

  • 0.1″ DIP headers for easy connection to any host embedded system
  • Bias voltage levels generated with very low power discrete circuits for long battery life
  • Standard FPC connector that allows connection to numerous popular E-paper display panels
  • M3 mount holes for mounting to enclosures or host PCB

Custom EZR32 Sub-GHz RF Module

A custom RF module built around the Silicon Labs EZR32 series of RF chipsets:

  • Simulated and tuned RF antenna matching network
  • Castellated vias for soldering to base boards
  • Compact small footprint layout
  • 0.1″ DIP header based variant