ZMOD4510 Module

Outdoor AQI
Measurements Made Simple!

Our tiny, low power ZMOD4510 module communicates the following data over UART:

  • Concentration of ozone (ppb)
  • Concentration of nitrogen dioxide (ppb)
  • AQI calculated based on O3 and NO2 concentrations
zmod4510 module

Very Low Power

Measurement Mode @3V:
8 mA
Sleep Mode @3V:
250 uA

Standard DIP-24 form factor

The module is designed to either use a 4-pin JST-XH connector, or mount into a standard DIP-24, 300 mil wide IC footprint.

Unique Identifier

Each device can be identified by an
8-digit hardware UID.
The firmware version can be identified by
V.x.xx version identifier.

Outdoor AQI As Per EPA (USA)

AQI can be calculated based on Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations over 1-hour and 8-hour averages.

ZMOD4510 Module Variants

You can pick a variant of the module that best suits your host application requirements.


4-Pin JST Connector
ZMOD4510 module JST connector


Unsoldered Headers


DIP-24 Compatible
ZMOD4510 module DIP header

Frequently asked questions

The module uses simple alphanumeric commands with a pre-defined format so that very simple MCUs can communicate with the device without using a lot of internal SRAM.
You can find the full UART instruction set here.

You cannot change the UART baud rate on the fly. The settings are predefined to be 9600-8-N-1.
However, if you need the module to have a different setting, please contact us and we will ship your module with settings of your choice.

We provide many options for customization of the ZMOD4510 module. For example, you can
  • have the UART communication protocol changed
  • add advanced functions such as auto-calculation of 1 hour or 8 hour averages
  • request re-configuration of the INT and RST pins of the DIP version to act as I2C master for other sensors
  • If you just need the UART settings changed, the MOQ is 1 unit with no additional cost.
  • For custom function programming on the reserved GPIO or INT pin, the MOQ is 50 pcs with no re-programming cost if the functionality is related to the module’s internal functions such as interrupt or low power wake-up.
  • If you need custom firmware for using INT and reserved GPIO as I2C master or other complex communication tasks, the MOQ is 50 pcs and we will get back to you with a re-programming quote when you share your requirements with us.