PCB Design

We offer PCB design services for consumer, industrial, medical and automotive devices.

Schematic design is covered (of course!) and we work closely with the client to understand their requirements.

We can collaborate well with your mechanical design teams to develop tailored PCBs.

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How We Work

PCB Review and Prototyping

Do you have a system design that needs review?
It is common for improperly designed circuits or PCBs to exhibit subtle unexpected behavior such as high sensitivity to external interference, overheating, unusually high power consumption and sometimes even intermittent failure.
Also, if you are worried about parts selection and other similar design steps, we can help!

Mass Production and PCB Assembly

We can help you manufacture, QA test and flash your boards with firmware in India, China and the US.

We can deliver small orders of 5-10 units and also rather large batches of 10,000+ assembled PCBs per week.

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