Client Corner

by Pratik (PCBArtist)

Welcome to our Client Corner!

This section is made available for our clientele in particular (and readers online in general) to be of help with understanding various phases of project development.

Have you realized that it can be hard to get a new piece of hardware up and running from scratch? We are here to help!
Please pick one of the sections below that applies to your projects and you can find specific instructions and how-to guides on how to get started with hardware that we designed for you!

ESP32 based projects

Every time we design an ESP32 based hardware or solution, we do not just assume that the hardware works. The hardware prototypes go through testing with test firmware and the firmware is either open source or made available to you.

In either case, here is some help on compiling, building and deploying the firmware to your ESP32 based PCB that we have designed.
Note that this also applies to any ESP32 based hardware in general.

ESP32 ESP-IDF applications in Windows environment
  • Introduction to ESP32 ESP-IDF Windows based development environment
  • ESP32 ESP-IDF development setup on Windows with MINGW32
  • ESP32 ESP-IDF Windows development tools setup with CMake
  • Introduction to ESP32 flash memory programming and management
  • Flashing ESP32 with the Flash Download Tool
  • Flashing ESP32 via command line
ESP32 ESP-ADF (audio) applications in Windows environment
  • Introduction to ESP32 ESP-ADF
  • ESP-ADF Windows development environment setup
  • Compiling ESP-ADF examples and applications
  • Adding a custom codec to ESP-ADF